• What is Ciuvo?

    Ciuvo is a browser add-on which finds the best deal for you! It enhances your web experience by presenting contextually relevant information in real-time. Just install the add-on and immediately start to "see more. get more". It provides you not just with the best price but also with relevant videos, pictures, customer reviews and availability near your location!

  • How does Ciuvo work?

    Once you visit an online shop or a product-related web page, Ciuvo gets active and analyzes the content of this page in the background, in order to read all relevant attributes of the offered product. If Ciuvo finds other offers or additional information for the product, those will be displayed in a separate toolbar in your web browser.

  • How do I get Ciuvo results?

    If Ciuvo finds other offers or additional information for the product, the details will be presented in a toolbar within your web browser. The best price will be shown directly in the Ciuvo Bar. All other offers and relevant information such as customer reviews, product videos) are displayed in dedicated information bubbles which will appear when you hover your mouse over the appropriate category in shown in the toolbar.

    Depending on the availability of alternative offers and more information about a product the duration of the search query may vary between a few milliseconds up to a few seconds.

  • How do I get more information about Ciuvo offers?

    All offers or more information (other offers, customer reviews, product videos) are displayed in their dedicated bubbles which will appear when you move the mouse on the appropriate category in the Ciuvo toolbar.

  • Which browsers does Ciuvo support?

    Currently we support Mozilla Firefox 3+, Google Chrome and Safari on all platforms as well as Internet Explorer 8 & 9 on Windows. If you experience any problems with Ciuvo in your web browser we are happy to help you via support@ciuvo.com.

  • When is Ciuvo active?

    Ciuvo is active only on the pages listed here. Ciuvo will not send any data to our servers when you visit other webpages.

  • What data are being collected and processed?

    Ciuvo collects and processes the following data:

    • the URL of the site that you visit former (if this is a supported version)
    • the characteristics or the name of the product that you are looking for on this page
    • extracted keywords and the context of the body of the page
    • the URL of a proposed site you visit
    • other anonymous technical routing information in regards to product search and visited web pages notified to you by the add-on.
  • Why does Ciuvo not work on every shop site?

    The Ciuvo offering is constantly enhanced. To ensure optimum quality sites will be unlocked through a testing process. If you'd like to add a page, you can do that by send the name of the page to support@ciuvo.com. You will find a list of all supported online shops and portals here.

  • How can I uninstall Ciuvo?

    Instructions on how to remove Ciuvo can be found here.